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There are some misunderstandings related to the purchase and use of plastic bags that are worth clarifying.
Here we clarify the most important ones.

Some people say...

01/ …that the thicker the plastic, the more resistant the bag

Not really. The resistance of a bag depends on many factors, and the thickness is just one of them: the multilayer, the quality of the polymers used, the formulation, or the manufacturing process are more determining factors.

Saplex products are made with multilayer plastic, which allows plastic compositions to be combined that add their physical-mechanical properties to form a much more resistant film, even being thinner in some cases.

This means material savings, energy savings, less CO2 emissions, space savings and less waste.

More does not mean better, rather: BETTER MEANS MORE.


02/ …that it is normal for a rubbish bag to break.

Are you one of those people who always puts two bags just in case? Have you ever had a full bag break?

It is neither normal nor acceptable. You have the right to use reliable bags that will not let you down.

Saplex bags are manufactured with quality standards that protect your bin, transportation and waste management.

Believe me: quality should not be a luxury.


03/ …that bags are all the same.

If there are different households, different families, different bin sizes, different types of waste, etc. why shouldn’t there be a suitable bag for each of them?

The Saplex range offers you the maximum diversity and differentiation of products so that everyone can find their own.


04/ …that their bin bags are environmentally friendly… but that’s not always true

This depends on what it means to be “green”.

It can be ecological because it is manufactured with energy savings, or with material savings, it can be because it has been manufactured with recycled material, and even because it facilitates waste management in a selective collection system.

Always demand that they explain to you WHY a product is environmentally friendly, and then decide.

05/ …that all these bags are only used for one thing: throwing out the rubbish.

A bad ugly smelly bag, is certainly only good for throwing out the rubbish, but a good bag, which is the right size, colour, fragrance or with other attributes (antibacterial, odour-absorbing), can be ideal for multiple uses: transporting clothes, keeping and storing objects, protecting, classifying… there is always an occasion in which a plastic bag comes in handy.

06/ …that a compostable bag is the same as a biodegradable bag.

They are related concepts, but they are not the same. A biodegradable material breaks down naturally through living organisms. So, given enough years, any material can biodegrade, but in the case of plastic (a polymer of fossil origin, which comes from oil) it will be centuries, not years.

A compostable material, on the other hand, breaks down completely in weeks, releasing valuable nutrients into the soil, which help trees and plants grow.

A compostable bag is a complex product to manufacture that only makes sense in a selective collection system, since it does not “contaminate” organic waste.

07/ …that a bag leaks… unless it is non-drip.

The seam on a rubbish bag can create hot spots where there are small holes through which liquids can escape.

Saplex Easy Close bags do not have seams at the base to avoid this risk.

08/ …that bags made from recycled material smell bad.

The bad smell of recycled plastic depends mainly on the origin of the recycled material, the additives it contains, and the number of times it has been recycled.

At Saplex we only use top quality recycled material, mainly material recovered from our own production process, which is why they do not smell.

If a bag smells bad, it’s a bad bag.

09/ …that the Easy Close handle system is a luxury.

Although comfort can be a luxury, the Easy Close system offers much more: efficiency (you can use more of the bag’s capacity), hygiene (it is not necessary to touch the bag to close it), and safety (the handling and transport of the bags is much safer).

At Saplex we have developed improved handle systems such as the Easy Close Plus or the Easy Close 4 Handles that go further.

10/ …that any bag is fine for throwing out rubbish, until they try a Saplex bag.

When you discover Saplex bags, you discover that all the preconceptions you had about the product were false.

Forget everything you think you know about rubbish bags.

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